Your Local Left Team in Bonner

Laura Fraser Hardy

Phone 0401 568 047

I am an active and passionate local member of the ALP and currently the President of the Wynnum Manly Branch and have been actively involved in local government, state and federal elections, including being the candidate for Bonner in 2013 and 2016.

I live on the bayside with my family and love what the bayside has to offer for my family and community. I am involved with my children’s school – by being a parent representative on the School Council.

I am is passionate about how policies around education and the environment affect our local community.

You can count on me to stand up for our local branch members.

Annie Humphries

Phone 0418 338 600

I have been the Vice President of the Mansfield Branch for the past two years and President of the FEC since the 2019 election.

I have worked on campaigns at the local, state and federal levels. During the recent federal campaign, I stepped up to be the volunteer coordinator. The camaraderie developed with the members of the campaign team helped to run a campaign on a tiny budget and reduce the margin of the sitting MP. The need to engage the community has become obvious, and with that in mind, I’m looking to develop this theme.

I have found that community organising has been an enduring joy. I became involved in community organising within the Mt Gravatt community, where we (Qld Community Alliance – faith, unions and community organisations) identified social isolation and loneliness to be a big issue for the community, and we were able to organise funding for the Ways to Wellness program now running out of the Mt Gravatt Community Centre.

Sara Witmee

Phone 0423 312 388

After joining the Labor party in 2020, I had the absolute honour of being a part of the federal campaign team. I was able to help coordinate phone banking, email campaigns and even got to speak at the campaign launch. It was at the launch where I spoke about what brought me to the party, what drives me to ensure Labor remains the government of the day and why I was so passionate about policies such as aged care.

I believe that the future of our party lies in greater community engagement and involvement. This starts in our branches, our networks and importantly, our factions.

Billy Colless

Phone 0409 977 683

I believe our party is at its best when we’re leading on progressive policies that have the ability to improve the lives of people living in our community. We must always look to how we can do better and improve our policy direction as a party. This is why I am putting my hand to be your voice and advocate for our party’s fight for how we improve people’s lives.

I have been a delegate to state conferences for the past few years, and am proud of the work we have done on the policy front. Recently, I was the Campaign Director for the Bonner and am super proud that we have made the seat of Bonner marginal again, but I know that locally we have more work to do to build a stronger rank and file party that can ensure we can win and retain government.

I have also been the President, Secretary and now Vice President of the Wynnum Manly Labor Branch.

With your support, I will continue to advocate for the policies that matter.

Thomas Whibley

Phone 0407 365 878

For the last decade, I have been dedicated to fighting for a more just and equal society. The ALP is the only party able to bring about the social and economic reforms needed to ensure a bright future for Queensland, and I am proud to have been a member for almost 10 years. I have been a branch president, conference delegate, and unionist, and am eternally grateful for the opportunities these positions have afforded me.

I have spent my career fighting for the democratisation of our workplaces and elevating worker voices in all decision-making bodies. It is through the brain and muscle of workers that we will address the challenges of climate change. I want to ensure their voices are heard at our state conference.

Only a strong, well organised, progressive and worker focused party can triumph over the changes we’ll face as we decarbonise our economy. I am seeking you support to ensure the members of the Queensland Labor Party have representation that will not shy away from this fight and ensure your voice is heard as we set the agenda of our party for the next three years.

Hamish Bright

Phone 0433 918 472

Hi, my name is Hamish. I’ve been involved in young Labor since I joined in 2017. I have been involved in a multitude of campaigns over the last 6 years including Mansfield, Dickson and Bonner.

I have volunteered for a number of social causes including the refugee blockade in 2020. As someone living with a disability, I seek to be involved not just for young labor but for a better representation of our society and to challenge the stigmas associated with various conditions.

I believe the Labor party can become more progressive and ensure a better future for all. This is why we need strong left representation in Bonner for state conference.

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