Your Local Left Team in Bowman

Jasper Every

Phone 0412 749 975

I have been an ALP member since 2015 and the secretary of the Redlands Branch for over three years. I want to represent Bowman as a delegate because I want to ensure that Queensland Labor continues to be a positive force for change that puts the policy priorities of working people, especially young people who live in the suburbs, first.

I believe this can be done by helping drive more ambitious policy addressing housing affordability and capitalising on the economic opportunities of new technologies and the transition from fossil fuels present in Queensland.

Mark Huges

Phone 0409 991 065

Participating in the community has been a core value all my life and following the success of the “Your Rights at Work” campaign, I became a founding member of the Ormiston branch of the ALP, which is now known as the Oodgeroo Branch, to which I am the current President.

My ALP membership and active involvement in the Branch, FEC and SEC over the past 17 years have inspired me to once again ask for your support in the upcoming State Conference ballot as one of your Branch Member Delegates.

I am driven about progressing our Party. I am proud of the reforms that I have been able to participate in such as the Branch Structure Review.

This reform gave Rank and File Members more power and choice about how Branch Members can create a modern, organic Party that suits the needs of all Branch Members.

Combining my professional and personal experiences continues to fuel my political interests.

These experiences have inspired me to ask again for your support in the upcoming ballot for Branch Member Delegates at State Conference.

Jesse McNamara

Phone 0423 082 089

I have been the Capalaba branch secretary since 2015 and have been heavily involved in elections at all levels, including being full time field organiser for Kim Richards’ 2016 federal campaign and running Don Brown’s State campaign in 2017. After being elected a Bowman branch delegate in 2018, I would be honoured to have the privilege to continue to represent you at state conference again this term.

I firmly believe in a strong branch member voice at state conference and have been able to represent exactly the motions you wanted to raise in the last term. This includes the Capalaba branch moving a motion to criminalise wage theft which I then got moved at conference to become policy and subsequently, has become law. This shows that local members have had a direct impact in guiding state ALP policy.

I am always available to listen to topics that are important to you and if you place your trust in me as your representative at state conference I am happy to raise these important matters on your behalf.

I look forward to giving you a strong progressive branch member voice at state conference.

Donisha Duff

Phone 0417 073 521

I was your recent Federal Labor Candidate for Bowman.

I’m a proud First Nations woman, originally from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait. My family have lived in the Redlands for over 30 years.

I’ve worked in the health sector for over 20 years as a strong community and Indigenous health advocate. I’m a former Ministerial Adviser to then Indigenous Health Minister, Warren Snowdon under the Rudd & Gillard Federal Labor Governments.

In the recent 2022 Federal election campaign, I secured commitments including a community battery for Birkdale, $700,000 for upgrades to community sporting clubs, $500,000 to the Centre for Women & Co. to improve services for women and families fleeing domestic and family violence, $1.5m for a new building for the Macleay Island Arts Complex, $1.9m for the expansion of the clinic at Yulu Burri-Ba on North Stradbroke Island, and $30,000 for a Redland Bay State School shade structure and $50,000 a new Alexandra Hills State School playground.

I am part of a strong and progressive team of left delegates. I will fight for better outcomes for our community, including universal health care, gender equity, cultural diversity, affordable childcare, and quality aged care.

Kim Richards

Phone 0412 552 323

As the Member for Redlands I have spent the last four years totally focused on driving forward the economic development of the Redlands to help support local workers and create jobs. I have lived in the Redlands for over 20 years and raised my son here and am so proud of the work we have been able to achieve in this community to tackle social inequality and deliver transformative new services for our islands and mainland communities. As well as pass significant social reforms such as Voluntary Assisted Dying and Abortion Law Reform, which all started at State Conference.

I would not have been able to achieve any of the great works and changes we have delivered without the support of branch members and this is why as a delegate I will continue to fight for our local branchies to push for more important social reforms in the party and cost of living and economic reforms that support workers and Redlanders.

If re-elected as a state conference delegate I can continue to push for these changes in both the parliament and the party to keep delivering for Redlands.

Meredith Newman

Phone 0401 840 663

For the last 16 years I have worked for progressive Left parliamentarians. During this time, I communicated and engaged with branch members across Queensland.

I have actively engaged in my local Bowman electorate for the same period. I have served in a number of branch unit positions including the roles of: President, Secretary, Treasurer, FEC delegate, SEC delegate, State Conference delegate and National Conference delegate (2018 and 2021). I have attended Regional Conferences and Regional Member Assemblies.

In 2017 I took over three months of annual and long service leave to volunteer as Campaign Manager for Kim Richards successful state campaign. I was Campaign Manager for Peter Russo’s re-election in 2020. In 2022 I took six weeks of annual leave to volunteer as Campaign Director for Donisha Duff’s federal campaign.

I believe we need a fair, compassionate and equal society where individuals are valued and supported. We need a government with the will, drive and determination to provide good outcomes. A government that addresses inequality and strives for the implementation of good policy for the people it represents.

I am nominating as state conference delegate and I would like to ask for your support.

Tim Mills

Phone 0414 924 520

I have lived in Capalaba for over 30 years and have worked for 6 years at a local communications company. I have the honour of serving as president of the Capalaba Branch and the Bowman FEC. I am also the current chair of the Bayside RMA.

I passionately believe the government, through strong policy and well considered implementation, must play a major role in providing for all Queenslanders.

This includes:
• Educational opportunities for all ages
• Sustainable development
• Strong regional infrastructure
• Early diversionary intervention and support in youth crime
• Development of a renewables industry.

I believe I am well placed to represent the views of our members at state conference.

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