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Bill Gissane

Phone 0477 049 157

The best thing about the past? It teaches you valuable lessons – if you’re prepared to learn! From handing out How to Votes for Gough in 1975 (in tough Country Party territory where I grew up), through roles as a branch official in numerous locations to being honoured with opportunities to represent our Party here in our district, the lessons I’ve learned and the great people I’ve met have shaped and reinforced my views that Labor is the very best way for all of us.

The best thing about the future? It’s open to be formed according to the guiding principles and values that are the essence of what we all stand for.

The best thing about the present? This is where the decisions and directions are made that take us forward to a better, brighter, and more equal society. I am asking for your support in the role of delegate to activate those decisions at State Conference. I am proud to be part of a team that offers you this opportunity. Together we can make this Party, this State, this Nation, and our world the place it could and should be. I look forward to discussing your ideas and input.

Sue Ferguson

Phone 0413 766 754

I stood for the seat of Fairfax in the last Federal Election because I believe I have the qualities and passion required to deliver a better future for our community. My lived experience as a Community Nurse working to deliver health care to the homeless is a humbling and grounding privilege.

I see every day the struggles happening in our community due to cost of living, lack of affordable housing and a lack of sustainable solutions. I have been a single mother, a farmer, a small business owner, and a mature aged student. I know what it’s like to do it tough, and it’s also why I am so passionate about change, about political leadership that cares for all Australians, for the rights of workers, and for collaboration and partnerships to find the best solutions.

I believe my experience means I will make an outstanding delegate at State Conference, bringing the learnings from my recent campaign experience, the learnings from community and a deep understanding of the Labor vision, the policy platform and commitment to Australia.

Emily Scott

Phone 0499 039 649

In 2018, as a local high school student, I was drawn to join the Labor movement due to a firm belief that, in a region where the sitting members took their constituency for granted, our movement had a strong vision for a fairer future.

Since then, I have served as a Young Labor Conference Delegate and Women’s Committee Member, and have campaigned locally in all subsequent State and Federal elections.

While studying Science & Law at UQ, I have been elected as the Union President and Undergraduate Senator; roles giving me the privilege to fight for students and workers rights, often in solidarity with other Student and Trade Unions. Meanwhile, I contribute to a pro bono Deaths in Care Project and work as a Paralegal in a team focused on seeking justice for recipients of defective medical devices. These experiences have strengthened my passion for Industrial Relations, Education and Health in particular, which I will have a keen focus on if you entrust me as your delegate.

I am asking for your support, to make sure that we can forge a brighter future for Fairfax.

Melinda Dodds

Phone 0409 890 186

The values of fairness, compassion, equality and belief in a better future are what drove me to join the Labor Party. The Ninderry branch put their trust in me to represent the Party in the 2020 Queensland State election, where we reduced the margin from 8.3% to 4%. During that campaign I worked hard to articulate these Labor values, speaking up for public education and health, action on climate change, and speaking out against the trojan horse that is the proposed Surf Ranch on the Coolum West flood plain.

At a State and Federal level, Labor has shown what can be achieved when evidence based decision making wins out over tired conservative ideology. Being part of the successful 2022 Federal campaign has reinforced to me that the tide is changing on the Sunshine Coast. I am seeking your support in being a State Conference delegate so that I can continue to articulate our shared progressive goals.

Naomi McQueen

Phone 0410 498 190

I enthusiastically applied to join the Labor Party after completing an Australian Politics subject in 2020. I have been a member of the Burnside Branch for 18 months, I am Vice-President of my Branch and a Vice-President of the Nickin SEC. I am a branch delegate to the FEC and was Branch Volunteer Coordinator for both Burnside and Nambour Branches during the recent Fairfax campaign; I organised hi-vis events, coordinated communication and planned rosters and equipment for pre-poll and Election Day polling booths.

I have been an air traffic controller at Sunshine Coast Tower for 18 years and I hold a check and training officer position. I serve on the Culture and Professionalism Team of my Union, Civil Air, and was recently appointed to the role of Project Officer- Women of Civil Air Network. I am the Treasurer of the Sunshine Coast Reconciliation Group, and a Director of The Sunshine Coast Aero Club.

I grew up in Pine Rivers, I now live in Twin Waters with my husband, our three teenage children and an assortment of pets.

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