Your Local Left Team in Forde

Chris Moore

Phone 0433 763 011

I’m a proud member of the Beenleigh Branch and member of the United Workers Union.

I worked as a Union Official and lead teams of organisers across the country electing Labor candidates and forming Labor Governments. I have worked in NSW, WA, the NT and here in Queensland.

I have campaigned in Forde since 2013 and have always backed our candidates in the tough fights. I’ll always support the voices of the rank and file members in our community.

As a proud member of Labor Enabled and supporter of the great work being done by Rainbow Labor QILN and Labor Women’s I’m passionate to fight for progressive reform in Forde.

I live locally with my wife and two beautiful children. I am passionate about our party’s progressive agenda. The legacy of the Palaszczuk Government will win the next election we need to drive great reforms to ensure victory in 2024.

My values drive me as a local branch member and I’m passionate about housing policy, trans, gender diverse and non-binary rights reform and supporting First Nations People.

Together we need to drive a party that listens to the needs of our communities and promotes inclusion and respect.

Sharon Robertson

Phone 0402 294 622

I joined the Beenleigh Branch in 2016, after receiving a cold call from Marlene during a campaign and have actively participated in electing state and federal Labor governments. I’ve been the Secretary of the Beenleigh Branch, and recently transferred to Waterford Branch after moving to Bethania. I am the Secretary of my communities Home Owners Association, and help residents with everyday issues and advocating for residents against unfair legislation and policy. I am acutely aware of the hurdles for older citizens to climb still, battling health, financial and mental health issues, often without the knowledge and skills where to access help. We must support the more vulnerable in all communities who are having difficulty getting their voice heard in our technological era. With a strong family connection to the Union movement, I have deep, personal experience on how Union membership can support, not only a working relationship with its Members, but is invaluable as a support system when the going gets tough on a emotional level. I am fiercely proud to be a member of the Labor Party and our proud heritage of helping all, no matter who you are or where you are from.

Dylan Thomas

Phone 0400 902 170

Since I joined the ALP in 2020, I have made it my duty to bring awareness to the issues of young Australians, who have been singled out and marginalised by Liberal governments for far too long. I believe it is the job of the Labor party to protect these young people, and to make sure that they have the chance to build a better future for themselves and the many generations of Australians who are yet to come. My goal in running for state conference delegate will be to bring the concerns of these young people directly onto conference floor, so that they can see an innovative and progressive policy platform that they can proudly say can bring about a better Australia.

Kathleen Grisedale

Phone 0408 736 493

I grew up in a family that believed in the Labor Party’s ethos. But it wasn’t until I moved to QLD that I became involved with the Labor Party. I joined the Ladies Branch in 2006, their meetings were held at the Rankin Office.
I was asked to be a Federal Delegate, this is where I started to learn more about the role and the importance the Labor Party has for the Australian People. I worked for Craig Emerson as part of his election campaign and as an Electoral Officer helping the people of Rankin. I worked for Leanne Enoch member for Algester, as an Assistant Electoral Officer which gave me a grounding of both Federal and State’s jurisdictions.
In 2015 a group of likeminded people started the Slacks Creek Branch. I was voted in as the inaugural Treasurer, a position I held for 3 years. I was then voted in as the President and I still hold that position.
I have helped in every State and Federal Election since 2006. I have been booth Captains, scrutineer and just one of the many volunteers handing out how to vote forms.

Rodney Wright

Phone 0418 185 739

I grew up locally in Calmavale and have had a varied career after serving in the Navy for 6 years. However, after a health complication I found myself on the Disability Support Pension.

This experience has opened my eyes to the battle vulnerable people fight every day in our community. I joined the Labor Party to make that battle a bit easier for others. I’m passionate about the fair supply of essential services to the community – basics like water, energy and housing – to not only help the individual, but to help our whole economy flourish.

Rowan Holzberger

Phone 0432 352 463

I live with my family in Beenleigh, a town the Holzbergers came to in the 1850s, and where my daughter goes to school today. I’ve worked across many industries, such as farming, construction and have even owned a small business.

I joined the Labor Party in 1987 at the age of fourteen and have worked to keep Labor focused on our core principles.

As Labor’s candidate in Forde, I saw how the former government ignored people in our area- hard working families worried about paying the bills, older people terrified about going into aged care in its neglected state, and mums and dads with little kids, who can’t find a house to rent, let alone dream of buying one. I’m passionate about affordable housing, renewable energy and rebuilding manufacturing – policies which will make a massively positive difference for communities like ours.

Georgia Stanton

Phone 0434 480 266

As the only State Conference Delegate for Forde from the Gold Coast end over the last four years, I have made a point to connect up with southern branches as best I could, and of course be available for any branchies in Forde. Having been a member of the Beenleigh and Theodore (then Riverlands) branches, now in Coomera, I feel fortunate to represent our area at Conference and hope to continue.

I have chosen to be open within the party about my disabilities and mental health challenges, and as a local Forde Delegate have moved or seconded a number of motions around disability, most recently autism and neurodivergence. I’m an active member of Labor Enabled and have proudly supported and moved Rules changes as a local Delegate. I believe that State Conference is a fantastic opportunity for branchies to impact our party and Labor government, and I enjoy supporting that process as a Forde Delegate.

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