Your Local Left Team in Griffith

Luke Kjeldal

Phone 0433 735 533

I believe we need to have strong voices at State Conference to ensure we fight for progressive change within our party. I am an active member and Treasurer of South Brisbane Branch and was flown around the South-East with the field program this last federal election, working on the Forde, Blair and Ryan campaigns. I got involved a couple of years ago to fight for education reforms after the Tories made it harder for working class kids like me to go to uni. Having gone through the tertiary system which tried to financially cripple me and other working class kids with astronomical HECS debts for what used to be affordable degrees, it motivated me to fight for education reforms.

If successful I’ll fight to ensure progressive reforms, fairness and equality across the board, remain on the table.

Katie Havelberg

Phone 0433 838 626

I am standing up because I believe in the values of equality and opportunity. I will play my part in actively defending them. As a unionist I am backing worker’s rights; as a scientist, equitable access to healthcare and strong environmental action; as a human, I am backing social justice and educational opportunity for all.

As both a scientist and an industrial officer, I have held a number of union leadership roles.

I am an active member of the Annerley Labor Branch and joined the branch executive in 2021, and an involved community member as a resident of West End. I have volunteered on state and federal Labor campaigns, including most recently in a senior role on the Griffith campaign in the 2022 federal election. I am a member of both the Griffith FEC and the South Brisbane SEC, as well as the Labor Environment Action Network and Labor Enabled. I have recently become the Queensland membership coordinator for Emily’s List.

Finn Semple

Phone 0437 711 020

I’ve been involved with the Labor Party, and the labour movement, all my life. I first handed out how to votes in Griffith, when I was 11 years old, and have been campaigning on the Southside since then at Federal, State and Council elections

I’ve been fortunate enough to hold a range of positions in the Party since I got involved, including on the Griffith FEC executive for the last three years, as well as being an active member of the Gabba Branch.

I know the value of having a seat at the table, and want to make sure your voice is heard at State Conference. I want to see a Labor Party that stands up for progressive values and makes real change, including tackling economic inequality, taking real action on climate change, and working towards true reconciliation with our First Nations comrades.

Gianni Sottile

Phone 0458 320 338

I’ve been a member of the Labor Party for 10 years, and worked with party members, unions and LEAN to win left-wing outcomes like public renewables, supported student organising and young activists in the party. I’m running for State Conference Delegate again so I can continue supporting good policy creation and continue growing the base of activists in the party and in the branches. For our party to continue to succeed, we need to plan for growth by reforming our party to empower branch members more, train and support members with campaign skills, and have a strong left-wing agenda. We need a State Conference that supports real climate action, social reforms like drug decriminalization, and real investment in public health services.

Rachel Limpus

Phone 0426 199 700

I’ve been a Griffith branch member for a number of years, and am a proud member of the Carina Carindale Branch, as well as our branch’s secretary, and a Griffith Stare Conference Delegate for the last four years.

I’m a union Organiser and proud member of the United Workers Union, working with some of our lowest paid workers in our country.

I was honoured to be the inaugural secretary of Labor for Dignity, getting rank-and-file ALP members involved in the campaign to legislate Voluntary Assisted Dying.

I want to continue my work as your State Conference Delegate to make sure that we keep implementing fair and progressive policy that will make a genuine difference to peoples lives.

Jean Cotterell

Phone 0411 045 203

I joined the Labor Party and The Left when I was 18 and have been passionately involved in the labour movement ever since. I live in West End and am passionate about representing the party and winning back young people to Labor.

I have been heavily involved in student organising and was UQ Labor Left Club President in 2021, have been involved in numerous ALP election campaigns and I work as an organiser at a trade union.

I am extremely passionate about supporting left-wing policy around renewables, worker power and women’s rights.

A vote for me is a vote for a grassroots activist who will continue to fight for the reform agenda and left-wing policy in the party.

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