Your Local Left Team in Herbert

Thelma Richards

Phone 0403 698 396

As a previous state conference delegate I am proud of the achievements our rank and file members have made over the years, we will continue to do so for many more. I want to be part of making sure we keep our great party proactive, progressive and inclusive. We need policies developed by regional, rural and remote people and being a state conference delegate gives us another voice for those areas outside of the South East corner.

Roslyn Mellon

Phone 0427 605 033

I am a proud North Queenslander who is determined to see policies developed to support the regional and remote areas and our cultural diversity. I grew up in Innisfail and moved to Townsville in 1999 which has provided me with great personal growth including getting active in politics. I have been the Secretary of the Thuringowa Branch for 6 years and have been instrumental in fundraising events for the Branch. I was the Thuringowa Electorate Campaign Manager for Aaron Harper in the 2020 Election where I was a part of a fantastic team of people who worked hard to achieve great results.

Alex Tonks

Phone 0406 796 464

I’ve played many roles in the party over the last 3 and a half years, particularly in the campaigns of Cathy O’Toole, Aaron Harper and John Ring. I’ve lived in Townsville for over 15 years and I’ll always fight for this community. We’ve been neglected for too long and now we run the risk of falling even further behind.

The issues that plagued that last campaign showed how badly we need a strong voice at all levels of the party and in state and federal government. If you want to know why I’m doing this, its because I’ve seen so many people in need in Townsville and across the country who need the kind of help only a government that puts people first can provide. I’m doing this because everyone deserves a chance to live up to their potential. I don’t quit on anything; whether it be my city, the causes I believe in or people, even those who have hurt me. I don’t give up on them even when things are at their worst. Everyone deserves a chance and a champion. That’s why I’m doing this, that’s why I’ve always done this. For all those who need a chance.

David Cassells

Phone 0432 235 159

I am an environmental scientist with more than 40 years management and research experience. My career started with forest management and research experience in the Queensland wet tropics. This was followed by a period as a lecturer in ecosystem management at the University of New England and Director of Parks with the Townsville City Council.

I was an active member of the ALP from 1975-1989 serving at various times as the President of the Atherton and Gympie Regional Branches and the then Mulgrave EEC. From 1990, I mainly lived and worked overseas with United Nations and other international organizations. I returned to Australia permanently in 2011. I re-joined the Party after the 2013 Federal Election, and from 2015- 2021, served as the Policy Coordinator for the Townsville Branch. I currently serve as the branch’s Communications Coordinator. Since 2016, I have been a Co-Convener of LEAN Townsville and am a member of the Queensland Committee of Fabians Australia.

Stephanie Naunton

Phone 0439 739 369

I was born, raised and educated in North Queensland and I am passionate about the issues that affect regional Queenslanders. I’m a proud and active member of the Labor Party and my union, United Workers Union

As a delegate, I want to stand-up against regional inequality and fight for better policies in areas of health, education, regional jobs and workers’ rights, broader regional representation, the arts and First Nations rights. We need better policies that deliver health, government, wages and insurance reforms. In this last term as your State Conference delegate, I fought for greater participation and inclusion of grassroots members, and formation of regional policy drafting Committee.

I know that my experience as:
– Campaign Manager for Herbert in the successful 2016 Federal Election
– Campaign Manager for Herbert 2019
– First regional Convenor of the Policy Coordination Committee

strengthen my ability to work towards real change in policy and party areas.

I have also campaigned hard on many State elections over the years and will continue to be involved in at all levels of government to make sure the Labor Party holds power. I’m committed to regional Queensland and will always fight for policies that support regional Queenslanders.

Cathy O’Toole

Phone 0414 609 687

North Queenslanders need a strong and committed voice that will continue to fight for job security and workers’ rights, quality education, affordable and accessible healthcare and childcare, a fair deal for the defence personnel, pensioners, Newstart recipients and a better deal for small business. I will always be committed to fighting for North Queensland. I was elected to Federal Parliament on the 2nd July 2016 as the Member for Herbert. Winning Herbert was exceptional as the Labor party hadn’t held this seat for twenty years and I was the first woman to hold this Federation seat. I started my working life as an apprentice hairdresser and at the age of eighteen, I became a small business owner with my mother. My husband and I have owned and operated a range of small businesses. I have taught and Project Managed in the TAFE sector and I was the CEO of two community Organisations in the mental health community sector over a 15 year period. We must ensure that the Queensland Labor Platform reflects our desire for a flourishing and thriving society that will build a strong growing economy. Regional, rural, and remote Queenslander’s matter!

Peter Dalton

Phone 0437 739 914

I have been a member of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union for over 20 years and a Union Organiser for Northern Queensland since 2016. This experience means I understand the importance of working families having access to safe, secure employment and quality education for their children. My motivation for change saw me join the Labor party in 2014, becoming active in local, state and federal campaigns.

I’m married to a state high school teacher and have two high school aged children, I know the importance quality education has on our future generation, quality only a Labor government can provide. My manufacturing background means I place a high emphasis on STEM education and the capabilities such an education allows for young Queenslanders to engage in the manufacturing and infrastructural phases of Queensland’s future.

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