Your Local Left Team in Kennedy

Bronwyn Hodgkins

Phone 0457 568 166

I have been a party member since 2004, receiving the Meritorious service award in 2019. I am the current State conference delegate and am seeking your support for reelection.

I’ve held several executive positions including, Secretary since 2006 & Treasurer from 2006 to 2019, President Mulgrave SEC 2009 to 2021, Secretary Leichhardt FEC from 2016 to 2020 and acting Secretary of Kennedy FEC when required.

I have assisted on several campaigns in Kennedy, Leichhardt and Mulgrave supporting various ALP Candidates and have co-ordinated pre-poll and election day. I’ve put together booth boxes till I could almost do it in my sleep – and probably did some over the years! I’ve screen printed thousands of red T-shirts.

I’ve worked on the successful Labor for Choice and Labor for Dignity Campaigns and am a proud member of Emily’s List, LEAN and Labor Friends of Palestine.

I’m a musician and currently involved in the Tablelands Folk Festival as Artistic Director. I take particular pride in encouraging young emerging performers and ensuring gender equality on all of our Festival stages.

I would be honoured to again, represent Kennedy as a State Conference Delegate.

Michael Hodgkins

Phone 0409 754 821

I have held several roles within the Labor party, including President of the Edmonton Branch since 2010, President/Convener of the FNQ RMA 2018-2019-2020, President of the Kennedy FEC since 2011, State Conference Delegate since 2013, Federal Conference Proxy 2015, and Secretary of Mulgrave SEC.

I am a staunch advocate for a fuller and more democratic regional representation, culminating in helping with the resurgence of Regional Conferences in North Qld. by holding our own in 2012 and 2013.

I successfully motioned to introduce a new chapter identifying Rural and Regional policy already contained within the Qld Labor Policy Document and was part of the initial team tasked with formulating Chapter 9 “Rural and Regional Queensland”.

I also had a successful run as the candidate for the State seat of Hill against Shane Knuth in 2020 and achieved repositioning of ALP as 2nd in 2PP ahead of LNP.

I take the position as State Conference delegate very seriously and have never failed to attend and be truly representative of Kennedy and North Qld and will continue to do so with your help. It’s regional Queensland that feels so disengaged and that is why we need more than ever strong regional representation.

Carolyn Macdonald

Phone 0400 564 986

Hi! My name is Carolyn Macdonald, and I want to thank you for your consideration for me to be able to represent you in the seat of Kennedy as a State Conference Delegate.

I was born in Kennedy and have lived in it all my life, starting off in Tully from a local farming family to the Edmonton/Bentley Park area, which I do not have to tell you in Kennedy, is just down the road.

During my life, I have worked in farming, Early Childhood and Education (which is where I joined my Union, the United Workers Union), a Union Organiser with UWU and currently am in the Office of Senator Nita Green. I have held various positions within the Labor Party also, on a branch level and am currently also on Left Exec.

I have a strong understanding of the Recourses sector, not just in jobs and manufacturing, but also farming and our environment, while ensuring each is just as important as the other. It is so important that we ensure our region has a strong representation within the Party and the area for secure jobs and paving the way for our future generations

Robert John Hill

Phone 0430 072 049

Thank you in advance for considering me for a Kennedy Conference Delegate position. I am the son of a wharfie with generational ties to the mighty ALP who has lived and worked in Kennedy for 24 years.

I am currently employed as an Electrical Trades Union Organiser and am passionate about looking after all in society and passing on to the next generation, better than we inherited, and will fight hard to ensure that Kennedy gets its fair share.

If successful, I will be honoured to again represent this great electorate and be your voice on Conference Floor to help shape our great party.

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