Your Local Left Team in Leichhardt

Aaron Jegou

Phone 0408 660 093

As a FNQ Local I want to make sure we have a strong voice speaking up for Leichhardt at state conference. As a member of the Policy Coordination Council I’m no stranger to speaking up for people in regional areas. We need to make sure Labor keeps pushing ahead with progressive policy that will benefit our community and our climate. I want to help Labor lead the way with these progressive changes and only strong representation from regional Queensland can help make sure we aren’t left out of the discussion!

Aaron Fa’Aoso

Phone 0400 341 294

I am a proud Torres Strait Island man and I currently live in Cairns in the Federal seat of Leichhardt. I grew up in the NPA and Cairns region, so I know the real issues that affect Indigenous People in Cairns and the Far North.
For many years I have been an entertainer and actor and I am pleased that I am able to represent Indigenous Australians showcasing our keen sense of humour and playfulness on the stage, and educating others about culture and traditions too.

But on a more serious note, I am passionate about the rights of Indigenous People, and when I joined the Labor Party, I did knowing that I wanted to help produce and implement policy that would really help the Indigenous cause. The way that we can address the issues that will result in Indigenous People’s voices being heard is to make sure we are present on the political stage at every level of the Labor Party, and that is why I am putting up my hand for State Conference Delegate today.

Diane Forsyth

Phone 0400 880 130

I am a lifetime member of the Australian Labor Party and local Cairns Branch member for the past 28 years holding many positions; such as branch Vice President, delegate and currently President of the Leichhardt FEC, I have been a delegate to Cairns SEC, State Labor Women’s Executive, 3 years as a State Conference delegate and proxy delegate.

I have worked on all Labor candidate campaigns in Far North Queensland since arriving in Cairns 30 years ago, including our most recent successes at state level.

A member and activist of The Services Union for 24 years, I am currently a Union workplace delegate, and a union delegate of the QCU Cairns Branch. I am a member of Emily’s List and Labor LEAN. I have a wealth of experience and strong commitment to social justice and equality to offer as a Delegate to State Conference.

Rebecca Templeton

Phone 0408 349 963

I am a proud and hardworking Labor and union member. As an active member within the FNQ branches and Leichhardt FEC, I am certainly a familiar face to the members of our region. I am extremely passionate about the grass roots movements of the ALP. I believe I have the necessary skills and attributes to support and represent the many and diverse views of our Far North Queensland members. Through positive action and strong representation of our members, we will be the change we want to see. It would be a pleasure and a privilege to be a member of the Leichhardt State Conference Delegation.

Katie O’Rourke

Phone 0417 933 222

The regions in Queensland need to make sure that ALP driven policy and laws are appropriate and beneficial for the regional areas. FNQ has a particular demographic that means ALP policy should be influenced by the grass roots. My goal is to re-invigorate the north by motivating policy change that reflects what the people of NQ need to be a progressive and inclusive society underpinned by ALP values of equality and fairness. I would also like to see stronger cultural heritage provisions in Queensland and better outcomes for Indigenous People in FNQ, particularly Indigenous youth. In 2020 I was apart of the campaign team that saw Craig Crawford re-elected, I’ve also been the President of the Barron River branch for 2 years, and was the Secretary for 3 years before that. As Secretary of the Leichhardt and Kennedy RMA, I’m passionate about our local branch members and ensuring our voices are heard.

Mandy Dewey

Phone 0414 015 525

I’m a Teacher Aide at Kuranda District State College and a proud member of the United Workers Union. I’m a FNQ local and a member of the Cairns Central branch, supporting local candidates and MPs at election time, like our very own Craig Crawford. I would be honoured to be your State Conference Delegate for Leichhardt, making sure regional and first nations voices are represented in our party.

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