Your Local Left Team in Lilley

Henry Hudson

Phone 0426 596 519

Working with pensioners as a tax consultant over the past few years I realised the extent of the Liberal’s attacks on elderly people who were struggling to survive on the bare minimum and were facing further cuts to their pensions.

I put my hand up because only our local progressive team has been standing up for pensioners against these cuts as well as fighting for the values my family and I share. I support more democracy within the Labor Party and giving more voting rights to rank and file members. An engaged and active membership, with a genuine voice, is the key to ensure greater success for our Labor Party.

I am active in our local area, as the Secretary of the Boondall Zillmere, and a branch delegate to the FEC. I also strong value the rights of our members, and exhibit this as a member of the rules committee.

As your state conference delegate I will stand up and fight for progressive policy as well as fair education funding and and a strong healthcare system. We’ve fought hard in the past for these values and with the liberal’s ongoing attacks we cannot afford to take these for granted.

Margi Macdonald

Phone 0408 004 062

I joined the party after the 2019 federal election and have been active since then. I’ve been involved in local and state campaigns in Deagon and Sandgate and worked closely on the Dickson campaign in 2022.

Finding your place in the party, being heard and encouraged are issues which I believe are vital for attracting and retaining party members, each of whom has something to offer. In 2019, I pushed for improvements in published information on party structures and functions at our local RMA.

How we create connections and resilience within our communities and the Labor party are important to me, and I’ll continue to work towards this.

The parent of three young adults and the daughter of elderly parents, I’m concerned for the future.

An allied health professional, I see how health and well-being are affected by contemporary life and work, and our natural and built environments.

These are critical issues for all of us.

With your support, I’ll keep standing up and speaking up for policies and initiatives which address these issues.

Faye Clark

Phone 0412 873 283

I have been an active member of the Labor Party since 1997 and believe in the rights of all people to access a full range of available social services. I have continually sought to become an agent of change by joining local Labor Branches. I was President of Baroona Branch through my working life and, following retirement and moving to Everton Park to care for my parents as they aged, I became President of the Everton Park Branch, President of LiIley FEC and McDowell MEC. I am deeply interested in Labor Policy; Education, Health, Housing, Worker Right’s and Women’s Issues.

Jason Constable

Phone 0406 877 538

I am a member of the Electrical Trades Union, as a young member of the ETU I am also a member of our ETU youth crew. I joined the ALP in May 2021 and was a union delegate for the ETU at the ALP conference in 2021. I am passionate about union issues and other industrial ensuring that the working class get a fair go. I also have a passion for social justice issues and have been out on the front line for rally’s.

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