Your Local Left Team in Maranoa

Dave Kerrigan

Phone 0427 009 375

I’ve lived and worked in Barcaldine for 40 years, first as a shearer in Qld, NSW, VIC and S.A.

Over the last 17 years I’ve worked in Drug and Alcohol, DV, Mental Health, RFDS Outback Mental Health team and X-Ray department.

Working and listening to many communities, families and businesses, the lack of affordable and liveable Housing in the regions, and Health and Aged Care / Nursing Homes are some major issues.

I work hard across Regional Qld to increase our living standards and create as many opportunities as possible for workers, especially our younger generations to have choices about where they live and work.

I bring to the table experience, and the value of listening to the community from all sectors and want to be part of the solution.

I have contested two Federal and State Elections and have also been a Conference Delegate.

Some of the Labor groups & Associations I am involved with are, Labor for Housing, Regional Labor, and Labor Enabled.

I will be a strong voice Maranoa.

Nicole Kingston

Phone 0428 631 616

I am a Nurse of 32 years, trained in Gladstone and have worked at the Barcaldine Hospital for over 30 years.

I love Western Qld and don’t want to live anywhere else, but know it is getting harder and harder with Policies and decisions impacting our lives.

Working and listening to all members of our communities have given me the experience and sadly the many times when different forms of Government (Newman State) and now the current Commonwealth Government have cut services and programs that have had a huge impact on people’s lives.

Nurses and all levels of Health staff know what is required and what level of funding and policies make a real difference to families.

Commonwealth Government failures have put more and more pressure on the State Government to do the heavy lifting, all levels of Aged Care is a perfect example of where the Federal Government have failed.

I will be a strong advocate for families in Maranoa.

Debbie Young

Phone 0418 723 162

I have lived in Barcaldine for the past 2.5 years and was in Longreach for the five years prior to that. My partner is a Barcaldine local and I have come to see this town and the surrounding communities as my own.

I currently work in administration as the Executive Support Coordinator for local government and over the previous 32 years for the Department of Health in various positions.

I have been a union member since commencing work 40 years ago and have been Secretary for the Barcaldine Branch of the Labor Party for almost two years. I supported our President for his latest bid in the Federal election and believe in all that the Labor Party encapsulates and look forward to working with our new National Government.

Issues in rural and remote communities are my priority given the hardships in the Maranoa Region. My work/life experience has provided me with the skills to assist where possible in areas such as housing, job security, cost of living, aged care and health care.

I look forward to being part of the solution.

Peter Burton

Phone 0477 951 051

I have been a Human Rights advocate for more than forty years through Amnesty International, Labor for Refugees, and Australia- Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN). My Motions passed at the Western Queensland Regional Member Assembly on 25/06/22. At the last State Conference, we were able to have passed the motion I moved to ’take the “Tamil refugees Back to Bilo”. There is still much more to do to release the genuine refugees from detention.

I have been a long time pursuing human rights through past Conferences and am also recommending an Australian ‘Bill of Rights’.

Thirty-four and a half of my 44 years of Party Membership I have served in Maranoa, at four Branches, a variety of positions; President, Secretary and Branch Delegate to State Conference. (Our family has had a peripatetic employment situation – Longreach to Launceston and back).

Please remember to vote for your delegates.

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