Your Local Left Team in Moreton

Sasha Marin

Phone 0432 402 714

Over the years I have spent a lot of time on local campaigns (council, state and federal) doing what I can to help get Labor candidates elected, because when we have Labor governments – we get to implement Labor policies that make our local community and country better. As a local branch member, I truly believe that this is how I can contribute to our movement.

Personally – I’ve lived in Moorooka for over 20 years and am currently the President of the Annerley Branch and the Moreton FEC. I have built a career working in immigration and understand the contribution that good settlement brings to our community.

I’m a member of the Community and Public Sector Union and work for our current federal member.

I have been a Moreton delegate previously and would really value the opportunity to work with, advocate and present the ideas and policies from local ALP members again.

Angus Haigh

Phone 0434 085 015

Growing up on the Southside of Brisbane, I’ve learnt the importance of progressive policy and the positive impact it has on working-class families.

I joined the Labor Party when I was 15 because I wanted to be part of a movement that believed in making Australia work for regular people. I’m currently a student at the University of Queensland studying economics and have worked in a number of different fast food and retail positions since I was 15.

I am also very thankful for being given the opportunity to work as the Field Organiser for the Moreton campaign for the 2022 federal election. I joined the left because I believe in the implementation of real progressive policies and electing true progressive governments.

For the past couple of years I’ve witnessed the positive impact the left has had on our state policies and I want to be a part of it.

Jen Elvery

Phone 0409 340 558

I am an active campaigner and have been a member of the ALP since 1993, in both the Northern Territory and Queensland. I have served in Branch Executive roles and was previously a Moreton Conference delegate for nine years. I am currently a Vice-President of the Runcorn Kuraby branch and President of the Brisbane South Regional Member Assembly.

I am a member of a number of Labor Party Associations: Labor Friends of Palestine, Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN), Multicultural Labor and Labor for Refugees

I am also an Executive member of Emily’s List in Queensland.

I have campaigned for Labor candidates at the Federal, State and local government level, fighting (mostly successfully) to either maintain or increase Labor representation, with the aim of bringing about a fairer and more just society through the effective implementation of Labor values.

Grace Dowdle

Phone 0431 155 679

I’m a full-time student at the University of Queensland where I’m in my third year of law. I work part-time at a small law firm in the city.

I joined the Labor Party because I wanted to help change the government. I really enjoyed Volunteering on the Moreton campaign and am so glad that we helped elect an Albanese Labor government.

Labor is the most progressive party of government, and I’d really like to contribute to progressive policy as a State Conference delegate.

Gabrielle Sottile

Phone 0407 913 239

I am running for a State Conference delegate position because I would like to be a part of the expansion of social democracy in Queensland. Labor policy should not only respond to changing times but State policy should also lead the party to implement social democracy in all its forms. I have been a State Conference delegate for the last four years, elected by the branch members in Moreton. I am a founding member of Multicultural Labor Queensland and have been the MLQ secretary for the last five years. I live in Annerley and have been the Vice President of the Annerley Branch for several years.

The Services Union is my union and I’ve been with them for many years. I always campaign to help elect our Labor candidates at the local, state and federal level. I want to participate in the work that is necessary to drive the changes within the party and its policies to meet the challenges of a post-pandemic and an energy transition economy.

Felix Gibson

Phone 0415 033 524

After having first joined the Labor party over 10 years ago, I am running to be your Labor State Conference representative once again because I believe now is absolutely the time to push for a progressive change agenda in Queensland.

With the election of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and a strong state Labor government, we are in a very unique position as party members to build on this win and drive progressive policy change.

I’m passionate about ensuring we have stronger environmental protections in our state, building an excellent public education system and making sure we have a strong safety net for those who are vulnerable and don’t have a voice.

Change and progressive reform are never a given – we must always keep up the fight and momentum.

I have been fortunate to have worked and volunteered for a Labor Government for the better part of a decade now – gaining direct policy making experience and I would be thrilled to receive your vote to represent local branch members and take the issues that matter to you to the floor of State Conference to make progressive change a reality.

Karleigh Auguston

Phone 0439 815 494

I am a member of the Annerley branch, where I am a member of the executive committee.

I am on the Queensland Labor Women’s Network Executive Committee where I hold roles responsible for events and fundraising and policy. For the past 6 years I have volunteered my time as a member of the Policy Drafting Committee for Chapter 3 – Learning for Life.

I live in Moorooka with my family and I am a local teacher. I am particularly focused on policy regarding progressive issues that benefit women, education and the environment. Most weekends you will find me in a red shirt volunteering for a local candidate. I have held numerous positions on local campaigns at the local, state and federal level, including as a candidate, field coordinator and volunteer coordinator.

Dallas Elvery

Phone 0438 824 378

I have been a member of the ALP continuously since 1995, originally in the NT, now in Qld.

I have been involved in every ALP election at every level since joining. I have been president, secretary and as treasurer in my branch. I have been on the Moreton FEC, the Stretton SEC (RHC), and the Runcorn MEC.

I have been a union member, of the National Tertiary Education Union and later of Professionals Australia.

I have been an executive member for Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN), active in all their grassroots members campaigns: for renewable energy changes, public ownership of generation, and the critical campaign for changes to the Federal Environment law, monitoring, and accounting.

I am the Deputy Convenor of Labor Friends of Palestine (LFoP). In that time, LFoP has achieved significant change in the National platform and raised awareness at both the state and federals among elected members.

I have been a member of the Chapter 5 Policy Drafting Committee (Environment) for six years and continue in that role.

I have attended most of the ALP conferences in the past twenty years, have arranged a fringe event and served on Labor Association stalls at many conferences.

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