Laura Fraser Hardy

Phone 0401 568 047

I am a member of the Wynnum Manly Branch, and a current member of the National Policy Forum. At present I work in government, and have previously worked as a lawyer. Through my previous experiences as a federal candidate, and my ongoing interest in policy issues, particularly women’s issues, I know that grass roots development of policy is fundamental to setting government agenda and winning elections.

Our National Platform provides the framework by which the ALP will govern in the future – and we need to get it right. As a current member of the NPF, I have participated in a number of policy consultation meetings with branch members. This was a great way to listen to the issues important to branch members. I look forward to continuing to engage with branch members about policy issues, to give as many branch members the opportunity to provide feedback on the platform.

Nick Thompson

Phone 0406 549 250

I’m a social worker & member of the Redbank Branch at Ipswich.  I work with blue-collar industries to improve mental health outcomes for workers and I’ve seen firsthand the impact that job insecurity, casualisation and precarious employment can have on individuals and families.  I’m committed to making sure that we continue to work with the Labour movement to create a policy framework that serves the interests of working people.  As the Chairperson of the largest domestic & family violence service in Queensland, I know how important broader systems reform is for the family court, mental health services, disability support and our social security safety net. I’ll fight hard to retain and improve our policy’s that impact those most vulnerable in our community.  

As an existing member of the NPF, I undertook formal consultations with Branch members at Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Cairns & the Gold Coast from 2016-2018. Queensland’s regional communities are the backbone of our state’s economy and play an important role in our electability federally. Having lived and worked in regional Queensland prior to Ipswich I’ll fight hard to make sure that the views and voices of all branch members across our vast state are included in our platform.  

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