Stephanie Naunton

Phone 0439 739 369
Email stephanie.naunton@hotmail.com

I was born, raised & educated in North Queensland & I am passionate about issues that affect regional members. I am running because regional members deserve a strong voice that knows the issues & stands up for them, and I have the proven history that supports our regional members.

I held the position of Campaign Manager for the successful 2016 Federal Election & I have also worked on recent & previous State elections, for Coralee O’Rourke and Aaron Harper.

I was honoured to be elected as State Conference delegate for Herbert & proud to have moved motions that supported regional members, including the establishment of a Regional Policy Drafting Committee. This ensured a fairer Party Platform recognising both the strengths & challenges faced by those living outside SEQ.

I am a proud member of United Workers Union and have assisted in their campaigns in fighting for penalty rates, equal pay and against the privatisation of our public sector.

I want to stand-up against regional inequality through fighting for better policies for health, education, regional jobs & workers’ rights, the arts & more regional representation.

Sasha Marin

Phone 0432 402 714
Email sasha.marin@bigpond.com

I grew up in an immigrant household, and I’ve spent most of my professional life working with migrants. I know what it’s like to arrive in a new country with just the clothes you are wearing, to sound different and to look different. I know how important it is to have the support in place so that you can succeed. Life can be very unfair not only for migrants, but for many many others. And that’s what motivated me to be involved in politics, to stand up with people who struggle to stand up for themselves.

We work hard to get our people elected and we are lucky to have a great Labor government. As party members we have access to our elected representatives. We have trust them to implement our polices and not be afraid to act on our values.

And that’s what I want to work on. I want to make sure that what we present as a party reflects our values. I will stand up on PCC to protect workers, fight for social justice, and protect our environment.

And I’ll fight to make sure we develop an agenda that meets these policy goals but can also win majority support at elections.

Kim Sinclair

Phone 0417 735 432
Email kimsinclair01@gmail.com

I live and work in the town of Moranbah, where my husband and I are raising our two young daughters.

As an active member of the community for the last 14 years, I am passionate about advocating for Workplace Safety, workers’ rights, secure jobs and strong legislation and policy to support and facilitate the communities and families of regional Queensland.

I am currently the Secretary of the Moranbah & District ALP Branch.

Aaron Jegou

Phone 0408 660 093
Email jegouaaron@gmail.com

Being in my early 20s with both a son and fiancé I know many young people find it hard to connect with politics. I want to change that by showing young people can make a difference and that we have ideas that help grow and improve policy.

As a Cairns local I’ve been involved in state and federal campaigns to make sure regional Labor voices are heard in Parliament. Now I want to make sure we have strong regional voices helping to develop future Labor policy. The regions can’t be left behind!

I will fight to make sure Labor keeps leading the way with strong progressive policies that will:
• Tackle climate change by promoting stronger environmental protections, increased renewable energy and creating a green economy.
• Bring our communities together by making them safer, improving their infrastructure and creating more public spaces.
• Improve access to affordable housing, reducing the cost of living and promote better Government services for our regions.

Shane King

Phone 0409 270 089
Email kingsone@optusnet.com.au

In our policy development area we need champions for what I like to think of as the Forgotten Regions, such as outer metropolitan “mortgage belt” areas, like Moreton Bay. Standing for better jobs, education, and health will keep them in Labor hands. I’m a proud family man and know the need for policies that support families and ease the rising cost of living.

As an active branch member, unionist and a state MP, I have shown a proven ability to get things done, working with colleagues, the community, and all levels of government to achieve great outcomes.

I cut my teeth in negotiations as a union delegate and have grown through my experience in the Party and as Chair of various Committees in the Parliament. This has given me a decent overview of the policy development process – from grassroots origins to legislative development.

I have felt the policy implications of Governments as an electrician in the Electricity Supply Industry transitioning from Public Sector to a GOC.

Over many years, I have seen how emerging technologies and environmental impacts demand ongoing policy review now and into the future.

These are just a few of the reasons I’m passionate about Labor policy.

McKinley Fiveash

Phone 0432 930 783
Email mckinley.fiveash@hotmail.com.au

I’m an active member of the Springwood Branch and was honoured to be Mick de Brenni’s Campaign Director at the last state election. I’m also a proud member of the United Workers Union and my workplace union Together.

For the past 4 years I have worked closely as part of the Palaszczuk Government and with Mick de Brenni to deliver on the policies and objectives of the Labor Party in areas such as housing, procurement, and public works. I am proud once again to continue that work in the areas of energy and building.

The Palaszczuk Government won the last election thanks to the hard work of branch and union members who spent every moment talking to Queenslanders about our plan for their future.

I am putting my hand up for the PCC because I believe that if we want to remain in Government, grow the party and continue to deliver for working people we need good, progressive policies. Policies that only a Labor Government will deliver.

Jasper Every

Phone 0412 749 975
Email jqevery@gmail.com

I am from the beautiful Bayside suburbs in Redland City. I joined the party in 2015 after the amazing election victory that saw the Palaszczuk Labor Government elected. I have been involved in a number of campaigns hold the positions of secretary of the Redlands Branch, and Treasurer of the Bowman FEC which I have held for a number of years. I am running as a candidate on the Left ticket for the PCC because I believe we need to have a PCC and a party that continues to push for a bold progressive policy agenda. This means ensuring that Voluntary Assisted Dying is decriminalised, that the party has a strong focus on the economic transition to renewable technology and combating climate change through protecting our environment.

Voting for the Left ticket in the PCC will see continued support for progressive policy and will build on the achievements of previous PCC’s who have successfully seen strong social policy progressed through the party, such as Abortion Law reform.

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