Faye Clark

Phone 0412 873 283
Email fclark42@bigpond.net.au

I’ve been an active Labor Party member since 1997. I believe in the rights of all people to access a full range of social services.

I am deeply interested in Labor Policy with Aged Care my primary focus. Since retiring, I remain engaged around this issue, particularly as it affects the LGBTIQ+ community.

Many church-run aged care organisations won’t accept LGBTIQ+ elders into their facilities: another reason RLQ must continue lobbying State and Federal Governments to fund facilities for all members of our Community.

I have continually sought to be an agent of change in the Labor Party. I was President of Baroona Branch throughout my working life. Following retirement, I moved to Everton Park to care for my ageing parents. I became President of Everton Park Branch and Lilley FEC and joined McDowall MEC.

Don’t think, because Marriage Equality passed, that the fight is over! We must ensure our older members are cared for, respectfully and inclusively. Aged care for the LGBTIQ+ community is an important part of an equitable society.

I am an eager, tenacious and supportive participant in all aspects of political life. I hope I can count on your vote for RLQ Executive Member.

Lucas Bird

Phone 0418 644 880
Email lucas.bird@unitedvoice.org.au

I am queer, country as hell, a bit bogan, and a proud unionist. I am the Chair of the Policy and Conference Sub-Committee of Rainbow Labor Queensland, and I work as an Organiser for the United Workers Union. In both my private and work life, I am engaged in queer activism and community organisations. I have a passion for ensuring our whole community is represented by the work Rainbow Labor does inside and outside the Party. To that end, I’ve coordinated policy days, platform reviews, and spent the last year working with the Policy and Conference Sub-Committee to overhaul the way Rainbow Labor does policy development.

I am running for election to the Executive of Rainbow Labor Queensland because I believe in being actively part of the process of change. The Executive, along with the Policy Sub-Committee, is part of that change process in our great Party. If you want change, be part of it. I intend to be part of it.

Phil Carswell

Phone 0456 781 024
Email ianphil@bigpond.net.au

We’ve achieved much, but more needs doing. While I’ve married my partner of 37 years, life isn’t as great for our trans, intersex and non-binary comrades. The fight isn’t over while trans kids face legal battles to access services and trans adults can’t access multi-disciplinary services. Brutal damage done to intersex babies must stop. Proper recognition of non-binary people must be formalised, including in birth certificates.

We need fresh HIV/STI messaging and access to support. PrEP must become accessible state-wide. Science around HIV/AIDS has improved dramatically but laws must catch up. Health conditions are returning, including syphilis.

We need to work closer with brother boys and sister girls. We must build bridges between younger activists and community elders to see and hear each other’s stories.

We’re more than pills and health. Laws need reviewing. Does expungement legislation work? Is anti-conversion torture legislation strong enough? Are we ready for battle with religious zealots, cloaking hatred and fear as “religious freedom”? Are our kids safe at school?

We must improve State Platform, get before Ministers and be visible in the wider LGBTIQ communities.

I seek your vote again. I also ask you to support committed, like-minded comrades.

Lachlan Thomson

Phone 0400 341 116
Email lachlan.d.c.thomson@gmail.com

I still remember the marriage equality survey like it was yesterday; and the profound effect, both positive and negative, that it had on me as a young gay man. To have my love both affirmed by the majority of Australians, but still rejected by 40%, was a powerful and mixed experience.

After growing up in the conservative setting of the Sunshine Coast, joining the ALP in 2017 and campaigning for marriage equality was a far cry from what I was used to. It was my first real taste of the vitriol and bigotry that existed in those loudest sections of society, but also the love, support and solidarity that is abundant in the queer community.

We know that without the rainbow elders in our own party, those who were even willing to fight the Party, fight for decades, suffering horrendous injustices, this momentous change would never have taken place.

The fight is not over. The queer community remains under attack and now more than ever. We need an activist Rainbow Labor Queensland to fight for the most marginalised of our LGBTQI+ comrades. That is why I am running to be part of our Rainbow Labor Queensland Executive.

Jerome Pang

Phone 0417 381 491
Email jerome.pang2401@gmail.com

I grew up as a Gay Aboriginal man in Mount Isa. I have strong connections to my culture and my community. On my father’s side, I am a proud member of the Kalkadoon people from Mount Isa in North West Queensland; and, on my mother’s side, I am a descendant of the Pitta Pitta, Lardil, Waanyi and Gangalidda people, mostly from the Gulf of Carpentaria.

I firmly believe you cannot be what you cannot see and I have put my hand up to stand up for my community in Rainbow Labor.

As the Chair of the Queensland Indigenous Labor Network, I want to bring Rainbow Labor together with QILN to share the struggle and to achieve for us all. Stigma and hatred have no place in our community or our Party.

I am committed to truth telling and building a stronger, united Party.

I am part of a strong and diverse team and we are fighting to bring fresh vigour to Rainbow Labor. We need to ensure that the legacy of Labor in Government is a more tolerant and inclusive Queensland.

Stephanie Saal

Phone 0492 182 532
Email officialstephsaal@gmail.com

I’ve nominated for Rainbow Labor Queensland Executive to bring a voice for intersex and gender diverse people to Queensland Labor. As a young woman who is both CAH-intersex and bisexual, I have gone through the constant struggles of trying to embrace my own identity and sexuality in a world that doesn’t understand and chooses hurtful ignorance.

The lived experiences of Party members who are intersex and gender diverse must inform the policy process and I want to take up that fight within the Party to get this outcome. As a feminist, I want to bring my experience in Labor Women’s Network and EMILY’s List to the Rainbow Labor Executive.

I want to use my experiences and knowledge to develop policy and activism that best represents queer issues for all ages, as well as educate others about intersectional queer policy that affects LGBTQI people who are neurodiverse, persons with a disability or persons of colour.

I’m standing with a diverse team to promote change and activism in Rainbow Labor. Together we need to ensure Queensland Labor continues to build a legacy that promotes and supports our community.

Viv Burton

Phone 0438 484 780
Email vivienne.burton@aol.com

Labor is the Party that is best served to support our community, and I will ensure that Rainbow Labor Executive is best able to support the lives of LGBTIQ* Queenslanders. I have a wealth of experience, having previously served the Party as a member of Admin Committee, Rainbow Labor Co-Convenor and State Conference Delegate. I want to bring my experience to a strong, diverse team that can represent the broad and varied needs of the people in our community.

Bread and butter issues are Labor issues; and are also LGBTIQ* issues. We need governments which will deliver on health, education, housing and the economy. Systems which are strong and well-resourced are best placed to deliver for the needs of our diverse communities and create better outcomes for intersex people, trans people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, disabled people and those who are in low paid and insecure work, or out of the workforce.

I have the experience, skills and perspective to assist a diverse Rainbow Labor Queensland Executive in delivering a program of policy and campaigning to improve the quality of life for members of our community.

Kate Francis

Phone 0478 650 996
Email katecoomera@gmail.com

I am a current Gold Coaster, ex-Cairns resident, dedicated Mum, friend to many, local Labor campaigner on the ground.

I’m a person with lived experience of disability, a former postie, a lesbian woman, a single parent via IVF and a Collingwood tragic.

I’m keen to activate Rainbow Labor in the regions (especially in the Gold Coast) and would like to work with you on that project. I have a keen interest to get more support services in place for our LGBTIQ+ youth.

Jake Farrell

Phone 0429 709 806
Email jakedfarrell@icloud.com

I was born in Townsville and have lived most of my life here in North Queensland. I am a hard-working local Labor activist, a member of the CPSU and a proud gay man, recently becoming engaged to my partner of 5 years.

I am passionate about improving the lives of LGBTIQ people and listening to the members of our community about issues that affect them.

I have been involved with the Labor Party for 6 years now, participating in doorknocking and phone banking to get progressive Labor MPs elected at both the State and Federal level. I have also been involved in the marriage equality campaign during the postal plebiscite and held events with media in Townsville to promote the ‘YES’ side.

I am keen to get Rainbow Labor active in North and Regional Queensland to help support and provide a voice to LGBTIQ people. I want to be a part of the RLQ team to help extend from south-east Queensland to our regional areas.

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