Your Local Left Team in Ryan

Peter Cossar

Phone 0412 091 626

I have been member of the Labor Party since 2012, and worked in every campaign (Council, State, Fed) in Ryan since. I ran as the Federal Candidate in 2019 and again in 2022, so I am absolutely committed to the cause of getting progressive governments into power.

I am passionate about the arts, artists’ conditions, regional development, arts inclusivity and community development. I was recently on the Federal Council for the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), where we had been negotiating a new screen agreement and working on sexual harassment and bullying policies in our industry.

My other big passions are dealing with climate change, and issues around racial and gender equity and diversity. We can’t just strive for financial equality, we have to have social and cultural equality at the same time. The two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

I believe that the branch members in Ryan want us to keep pursuing and advancing positive outcomes in these areas.

Roberta Albrecht

Phone 0438 315 775

I have had a long involvement with the union movement through my career in industry super funds, so advocating for workers’ rights to a decent living in retirement is a real passion of mine. By extension, joining and working closely within the Kenmore/Bellbowrie branch supporting our efforts at a local, state and federal level helping drive change wherever and whenever I can. Through the support of my local branch I was chosen to stand as the Candidate for Moggill in the 2020 State Election in a very safe liberal seat, I had the great honour of working with an amazing team which lead to us reducing the overall margin to what we believe now is a winnable seat. Off the back of my campaign I was then keen to jump in on the recent Ryan federal campaign, helping the team with fund raising efforts, door knocking, roadsides and then acting as booth captain on election day and topping the day off by scrutineering the count.

As a Ryan State conference delegate candidate I want to represent and be involved in debate and push towards progressive policy.

Samuel Dolan

Phone 0468 900 337

I joined the Kenmore/Bellbowrie Branch of the Labor Party in 2021 because I couldn’t sit by and watch another three years of inaction on climate change and aged care. I threw myself into Peter Cossar’s campaign and became a core member of the campaign team.

I volunteered my time as a Field Organizer where I recruited and coordinated volunteers, ensuring they were aware of events and how they could assist the campaign. This involved running door knocking and phone banking sessions, and engaging with people who wanted to get involved. I also spent large amounts of time letterboxing flyers and at pre-poll and election day booths handing out How to Vote cards as well as being the Labor scrutineer at Kenmore State School. My attitude then and now is that if something needs to be done to help achieve our goal, I’m happy to do it.
I want to be a Ryan State Conference Delegate to continue contributing to the Labor Party by pursuing progressive policy reform.

Jordan Mark

Phone 0455 273 619

I am a student, a retail worker and a campaign worker for Together. I joined the party when I was 18 and quickly got involved. I ran for the ward of Pullenvale in 2020, and volunteered on the Moggill and Ryan campaigns. I am a proud member of the Kenmore/Belbowrie branch of the ALP, and Queensland Young Labor.

As a state conference delegate I will advocate for stronger action to tackle the climate and housing crises, and a progressive agenda across the board. I am also keen to ensure that our party upholds high standards of transparency and integrity, and the channels for grassroots members to contribute to policy are clearly communicated.

Maria Heenan

Phone 0417 608 920

I have campaigned with Labor in Ryan for the last 25 years. I have been involved in every local, state and federal campaign in this time, most recently as Campaign Manager for Ryan. I am Secretary of Ryan FEC, Moggill SEC, Pullenvale MEC and Kenmore- Bellbowrie Branch. I am a life member and Trustee of my Union, IEU.

As a Ryan State Conference Delegate candidate, I commit to advocating for progressive policy and a bold reform agenda for workers, equality and the environment.

Oliver Armstrong

Phone 0414 429 172

I have been privileged enough to have lived up and down the coast of Queensland, seeing firsthand how policy decisions since the 90s have accelerated inequality across our State. I am running as your State Conference Delegate to ensure Labor has a platform that reflects our party’s constitution and addresses the challenges that face our community.

I am currently studying a Master’s of Public Policy at ANU and since joining the party, have been fighting for the election of progressive candidates throughout south-east Queensland. I have worked for both State and Federal MPs, including the former Member for Griffith, Terri Butler, am a member of the FEC, have held several leadership positions in my branch and am currently the Secretary.

In the 2022 Federal election, I held a senior leadership position as the volunteer coordinator for the Griffith campaign, running one of the strongest campaigns in Queensland. While we didn’t win Griffith, I was proud to have contributed to the election of the Albanese Labor Government.

If elected your State Conference Delegate I will continue fighting for important policies like universal healthcare and education, greater democratisation of the workplace and ensure the voices of the members in Ryan are heard.

Jane Webster

Phone 0427 722 214

As an active member of Queensland Labor I am passionate about building our party membership and encouraging members to be involved in the policy making process.

I am a member of The Gap branch and have been member of the Policy Coordination Council (PCC) since 2019. During my time on PCC, I have chaired the Policy Drafting Committee for Chapter 6, our health chapter, for our 2019 and 2021 conferences.

I have a love for campaigning. I was the campaign organiser for our Townsville seats in our 2020 State election and for Longman and Dickson this Federal election. The relationships I built during these campaigns have been so valuable to me.

This State Conference I am focused on furthering our policy agenda on renewable energy, rebuilding our manufacturing industry in Queensland and drug law reform.

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