The Left


The Left is the largest grouping of passionate Labor supporters and activists across Queensland. We have Regional Groups from every corner of Queensland, driving our local activism and connecting our State’s lifeblood – regional Queensland.

The Left has been the driving force behind many successful Labor reforms. Whether it was the implementation of a Human Rights Act in Queensland, Labor’s support of marriage equality or the long long overdue reform of abortion law, the Left is leading the way.

We believe in a democratic socialist society, one where our progressive values and commitment to working Queenslanders drives what we do.

Policy Development
We are committed to the development of credible and future-focussed policy, that promotes economic development, social equality, environmental sustainability and thriving communities.


Human Rights
We believe in fairness, social justice, respect, dignity and equality for all.

Worker’s Rights
We understand that the Labor Party was, is, and always must be the Party of the Trade Union Movement. We share common values and purpose with the Trade Union Movement to fight for secure jobs with good conditions, delivering better lives for Queensland workers, their families and our communities.

We actively promote diversity in political representation and the party organisation.

Inclusion and Activity
We foster a culture and internal political process that respects, empowers, involves and values members throughout Queensland, and which encourages the participation of all according to their interest and ability.


The Left is a democratic organisation with Regional Groups across Queensland.

Whether you live from Cairns to Coolangatta, or from Moranbah to Moreton Bay, there’s a Regional Left group, filled with passionate, progressive Labor activists waiting for you.

We need people like you to ensure the Labor Party always fights for workers, advocates for equality and advances progressive reforms.